Rob Spence is a British voice talent, singer, songwriter and Producer.

A natural born mimic, Rob spent his childhood in Cambridgeshire, England, fascinated by the accents and dialects that surrounded him and he absorbed them like a sponge. That, and a keen ear for sound, soon led to the discovery of a great versatilty in his voice.


However, it was when Rob came to the USA in the mid 80's that led to the biggest inflluence on his own natural voice. Frustrated at continuously having to repeat himself, Rob discovered that he needed to slow down his speech and enunciate better in order to be understood. Over the next 30 years, Rob's own voice morphed into the warm, endearing instrument that it is today!


With his own recording studio in place since 2002, Rob now offers top notch audio files in any required file format!


Specializing in British accents, Rob's versatility can offer the voice you need for any commercial, narration or character project.


A fun, honest, positive outlook ensures working with Rob will be a pleasant and memorable experience.


But that's enough about him....let's talk about you!